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Sunday, February 4, 2018

South Andaman Diving January 2018

We did four days of diving aboard the MV Moana in the South Andaman.

The boat is an older wooden hulled purpose-built dive boat recently refurbished to add restrooms to the cabins and modernize the rest.

The MV Moana

Mr Mee gives a briefing

Coffee Time - Mam at the espresso machine

The dive deck is spacious and convenient

Breakfast at Hin Khao

The cabins are small with not much storage or workspace, but the beds are huge.

Divers enjoy their phones in spite of the gorgeous sunset.

Charge station. Never enough for all those batteries.

The South Andaman

Hin Khao. Our first time to dive here. It is a spectacular spot.

Mam at Hin Khao

Rock adjacent to Hin Khao

Koh Ha - My favorite spot in the South Andaman

Sunset at Koh Ha

Mam at Koh Ha

Fisherman at Koh Ha

Approaching Hin Bida

Another beautiful South Andaman sunset


Mike and Mam with some beautiful soft coral

Tessellated Halgerda Nudibranch

Mam in great form

Hermit crab

Three-lobed T-Bar Chromodoris Nudibranch

Soft coral

More colorful coral

Fish and coral.

Dark Margin Glossodoris Nudibranch

Trailing Risbecia pulchella Nudibranch

Tridachna (Giant Clam)


Can you see the Scorpionfish?

Cornetfish with a school of Fusiliers

Mam with giant sea fan


Lionfish in giant Barrel Sponge

Soft Corals

Mam with some soft coral

Mam and Mike at Koh Ha

Mike - Director of Fish

Brief trip video

That's all folks, until next time.

Nothing like a Chang on ice after the diving's done